The golden DOS days

There are only a few traces on the Internet from my glorious DOS days back in 1996/1997. Read in.

I’ve bought my first modem, an Elsa Microlink, in August 1996 (I still have it, complete with the receipt). Before Internet became really popular, my platform of choice and eating my time back then was [url=]FidoNet[/url], [url=]MixNet[/url], CrossPoint as (my) favorite FidoNet reader and “disk swapping”. Some of my posts can still be found on the Internet today, for example my (only successful?) [url=]submission[/url] to the [url=]SWAG archive[/url] in 1997.
The [url=]famous swaplist[/url], back in 1996, even made computer history! Unfortunately, the character set nowadays doesn’t really reflect my good taste ASCII artwork. 😉
How modern and useful my applications from back then still appear to be showed an email from October 2007 (!), when TextConv and some others were added to [url=]Softpedia[/url], complete with Vista (command line) screenshots (see thumbnail).
I’m pretty sure I could dig up a multitude of more or less useless tools from back then, but when I launched by website in 1999, I found these to be somewhat useful… so, here they are:
[*]TextConv v0.4 (8kb, DOS, 1997): converts German “Umlauts” from Windows-ANSI <-> DOS-ASCII <-> HTML and vice versa; Freeware
[*]Mail2TXT (6kb, DOS, 26.02.97): converts form results sent by eMail to readable ASCII text; Public Domain, includes Turbo Pascal source
[*]XP Shuffle v1.01 (6kb, DOS, 06.10.97): create shuffle signatures for Crosspoint out of textfiles (customizable for other programs, eg. Pegasus Mail); Public Domain, includes TP source
My two games, Nasty Mania and Snake (not what you’re thinking of…!), were published way before my first Internet contact, so no traces…
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