JEG-Board: PostNuke, phpBB, pnFlashGames and more

For seven years, I’ve been running the JEG-Board, a forum/community platform for pupils and alumni of Josef Effner Gymnasium Dachau.

The first version was build upon YaBB. Later, I went for PostNuke in combination with phpBB, a large full-fledged content management system and forum software, both (actually all three) PHP based.
Over the years, I’ve added a lot of “community” features: Flash games that record your high score, a recipe database, a phone and address book, chat, a photo gallery, a link database and some other stuff. Integrating the user database into all components was the largest job.
At the moment of writing (March 2008), more than 350 people are registered, with around 50 new posts in the forum every day and more than 50.000 posts in total.
Update (April 2009): Due to a few unfixed (and exploited) security issues in PostNuke, I had to switch to phpBB3.