ICQr Information

Judging from the number of downloads, ICQr Information is my most successful (freeware) project so far. At peak times, around thousand downloads were logged on the homepage every day, not counting all the mirror sites that didn’t link to the official download.

ICQr Information - article in japanese computer magazine[quote]ICQ .DAT (Database) files contain everything the user enters in his private details.
ICQr Information is able to read and reveal personal information, such as nickname, address, birthday and much more. You can also use ICQr Information to find already deleted friends, because the DAT file is NOT cleaned up after removing somebody from your contact list.
You can export the gathered information into a multiplatform HTML file, and save the contact list to a textfile.[/quote]
My main motivation for it – there were no free password recovery utilities for ICQ – was lost after several free utilities popped up that supported ICQ 2003b, which ICQr Information doesn’t because it relies on the (proprietary) .DAT database format and in ICQ 2003b the password was moved from the database to a registry key. Other than that, ICQr Information works for ICQ 2003b, but I guess Mirabilis has changed DB format somewhere around that date. Also in 2003, I went for Trillian as alternative to the official ICQ client. Today, I use [url=http://sim-im.org/wiki/Main_Page]SIM[/url], an open source messenger.
ICQr Information appeared in a number of computer magazines around the globe. For me, the most important publication about ICQr Information was in a Japanese computer mag (see image).
[url=http://www.headstrong.de/software-icqrinfo.shtml]HeadStrong Software: ICQr Information[/url]