Teaching Assistant for Theoretical Programming at the TU Dresden

From winter term 2005 to summer term 2007, I’ve worked at the Department of Theoretical Computer Science at the TU Dresden as a tutor/teaching assistant for the mandatory foundation courses “Algorithms and Data Structures” ([url=http://www.orchid.inf.tu-dresden.de/gdp/lehre/AuD/]Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen[/url]) and “Programming” ([url=http://www.orchid.inf.tu-dresden.de/gdp/lehre/Programmierung/]Programmierung[/url]).

Topics of the courses are:
[*]Iterative Programming: The C Programming Language
[*]BNF/EBNF ([extended] Backus-Naur-Form)
[*]Data types: Elementary, Structured, Dynamic Types
[*]Sort, Search and Graph Algorithms
[*]Dynamic Programming/Backtracking
[*]Recursive Programming in Haskell
[*]Abstract Machines/Implementation
[*]Program Verification