Praktomat eLearning Platform

Since 2006, I maintain the [url=]Praktomat[/url], an eLearning platform used at the Department of Software Technology at TU Dresden to teach Java to Computer Science students.

a backend view (usage statistics)
end user interface

Praktomat is a flexible online platform written in Python, initially developed at Uni Passau. It allows registered users to upload so-called “task solutions” (files) in raw or zipped format, which are then checked by various tests. Due to it’s modular structure, you can easily build your own pre-defined test scripts (so called “checkers”) or embed external code.
Unfortunately, the project seems to be discontinued, and I’m not sure if they still use it at Uni Passau for teaching, but, with some modifications, it quickly became an indispensable tool for the mandatory course “Software Technology” ([url=]Softwaretechnologie[/url]) at the TU Dresden, used by more than 300 computer science students annually to verify their Java programming abilities.
Over the time, I’ve changed a lot of code, including statistics, categories, sorting, a cleaner design (CSS/XHTML) and a lot more. As of writing (March 2008), our Praktomat contains 27 tasks, and every year we add a few new ones.
Source code is available on request.