Monthly Archive: March 2008

My Procmail Mail Filtering Configuration

I use procmail in combination with spamassassin and bogofilter (a simple bayesian spam filter). Here’s a short list of all my procmail recipes, maybe someone can put them to use.

Anonymity on the Internet, Part 2: Anonymous payment

When it comes to being anonymous on the Internet, you’re stuck with the choice of using free anonymizers (eg. Tor, see first part of this series), or you’ll have to pay for your anonymity. With JAP, this works without losing protection because they’ve designed it that way from ground up, but for most services, like VPN or (web) hosters, you’ll need to find different ways. In this article, I will give an overview of real anonymous payments on the Internet, methods to get and keep anonymous accounts at PayPal and other eCurrency providers and safely transferring money to these accounts.

Buch #8 – Heinrich Harrer: Sieben Jahre in Tibet

Anstatt einer eigenen Rezension zitiere ich [url=]Michael Schikowski[/url]: [quote]Wenn man dieses Buch heute liest, stellt man unverhofft fest, dass die Lektüre doppelt lohnt. Zunächst ist Harrers Abenteuerbericht aus Tibet ein Buch, wie es in solchen Fällen sein soll: ganz schnörkellos, sehr sachlich und mit der Überlegenheit des staunenden Europäers geschrieben. Ein wenig wie Mark Twains “Yankee an König Artus’ Hof”, woran man mehr oder weniger Gefallen finden mag. Was in diesen Berichten an Tiefenschärfe der Beschreibungen gelegentlich fehlen mag, wird durch die Fälle der Ereignisse aufgewogen. So liest man unaufhaltsam weiter und weiter. Auf der zweiten Ebene aber, und das...

Vista: Windows Update Error 80070011 Semi-Automated Fix

In January, I showed you how to [url=….html]move your program files and your profile folder to a different partition[/url] using robocopy and mklink. With NTFS junctions, you (and your programs) can transparently use the folders on your C drive, while the actual data lies someplace else. Unfortunately, today, some Windows Updates where shipped that try to install on every reboot, but fail with error code 80070011. Using Google[url=]Scroogle[/url], I quickly [url=]found out why[/url] (and how to fix it manually). Cause: If files cannot be replaced because they’re open, updates write XML commands to \SystemRoot\WinSxS\pending.xml (usually C:\Windows\WinSxS\pending.xml, unless you’ve installed Windows...