Monthly Archive: December 2008 The Big Picture: 2008, The Year in Photographs’s “The Big Picture” is a weblog with impressive high resolution photographs. Recently, its author Alan Taylor has posted the third and final selection of 120 (US-centric) pictures that “show a good portion of what life has been like over the past 12 months”. [url=]Part 1[/url] – [url=]Part 2[/url] – [url=]Part 3[/url]

eMotive: Physical Motion Effects

“Check out the video by Adrien Mondot for a demonstration of eMotion being used with a Wiimote. eMotion is a physics based visual tool for the Mac. It’s designed to enhance performances by reacting to real world motion.” 50 Most Beautiful Icon Sets Created in 2008

[url=][/url] has collected a nice selection of icon sets. Many of them can be used freely for own projects.

Tor Three-Year Development Roadmap

The onion routing project Tor has published a [url=]three-year development roadmap[/url]. It contains a lot of interesting material and research topics, like a mechanism to turn reliable clients into bridges/relays automatically, and ‘bonus points’ for well-behaving relays.

Five New IT books: A To-Do List

I regularly browse through the list of new acquisitions of [url=]our university’s library[/url]. Turns out there are a few interesting new books to read!

A Most Amazing (and funny) Privacy Scandal

One of the largest “identity thefts” in German history turned out to be a bizarre christmas story: Account data of 130,000 customers of the Landesbank Berlin (LBB) was delivered to the Frankfurter Rundschau (a German newspaper) on December 10th – allegedly even including PINs. How did this happen? It was all about Stollen, a traditional German christmas fruitcake.

Play Auditorium

[url=]Auditorium[/url] is a very nice relaxing Flash-based puzzle game. If you need something “for in-between”, this is one for you.

10 Quick Tips for (Web) Interface Design

Dmitry Fadeyev from Smashing Magazine has posted some [url=]useful tips for (mostly Web related) interface design[/url].

Free vServer (Joyent)

Joyent is offering free VPS with 256MB RAM, 10GB storage and ‘unlimited’ traffic, as long as you’re using Google’s OpenSocial API. Yes, including root access.