Software Engineering Blogs; a Personal Selection

Knowledge for free, in no particular order.

Information overload - picture CC by branimir (Flickr Gallery)
“Information overload”

No excuse to miss:
[*][url=]Articles by Paul Graham[/url]
Great essays, a must read.
[*][url=]Joel on Software[/url]
Joel Spolsky, one of the most important persons in the field today. For me. Especially read his older, classic posts (or, while you’re at it, get his books).
[*][url=]Mark Russinovich[/url]
Author of “Windows Internals” and founder of Sysinternals (aquired by Microsoft in 2007).
[*][url=]Coding Horror[/url]
Mixed blog on software engineering. Together with Joel Spolsky, he founded StackOverflow, a new platform to discuss development.
[*][url=]IBM DeveloperWorks[/url]
A whole magnitude of consolidated knowledge.
[*][url=]Martin Fowler Bliki[/url]
“An author, speaker, consultant and general loud-mouth on software development”. One of the authors of “Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code”, “UML Destilled” and the Manifesto for Agile Development.
Additional material for your daily dose of information overload:
[*][url=]Artima Developer[/url]
A “Community of Software Thinkers”
[*][url=]The Daily WTF[/url]
“Curious Perversions in Information Technology”
[*][url=]The Old New Thing[/url]
Raymond Chen, a senior Microsoft engineer, blogs about “technical nitty-gritty, with a Microsoft focus”.
[*][url=]YCombinator News[/url]
A collection of blog article links related to software development, with a focus on startups and economics (YCombinator is a venture capitalist); similar to Joel Reddit. Actually, I like the contents of Joel Reddit more.
Martin Pool’s blogs about… well, I’m not sure.
[*][url=]Scott Hanselman’s Computerzen[/url]
… wouldn’t be listed here if it wasn’t for his Babysmash series
[*][url=]The Caffeinated Coder[/url]
And, completely unrelated:
[*][url=]The Museum of Modern Betas[/url]
What blogs do you read regularly? Leave it in the comments!