Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn’t Know About

Spezial-Tastatur - Picture Creative Commons by schoschie - the years, I’ve grown so accustomed to using many Windows related keyboard shortcuts that I intuitively use them without thinking. Looking at the list of keyboard shortcuts published by Microsoft for Windows XP, I know and use all of them. Lately, I’ve (re)discovered a few shortcuts that turn out to be really useful (for me), but I didn’t know or even think about.
For example, I often use CTRL-LEFT and CTRL-RIGHT to navigate wordwise (and, even more frequently, I use CTRL-HOME/END), but didn’t know that you can actually use CTRL-BACKSPACE to delete the previous word!
In the section “rediscovered” (and somewhat awkward to type): CTRL-SHIFT-ESC opens the Task Manager. And: Turns out I lied when I said I use all of the listed Windows XP shortcuts: The one I keep forgetting about all of the time is WIN-BREAK to open the System Properties.
Completely new to me, and another timesaver keeping me from moving my hand too often: WIN-1/2/3/n executes the Quick Launch association at that position (counted from left to right).
What’s your favorite “geek” keyboard shortcut that nobody knows about?
On a (somewhat) related sidenode: How did they manage to get Firefox shipped without having a shortcut to close all but the current tab? Opera has CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-W, which sounds worse than it is to type. To get that in Firefox also, I modified an extension – you can [url=]download it here[/url].
On a (somewhat) related second sidenode: [url=]Switcher[/url] is a really nice replacement for the useless “Windows Flip 3D” introduced in Vista (WIN-TAB).