Monthly Archive: April 2009

Lord of the Cloud: John Markoff and Clay Shirky interview David Gerlernter

I’ve recently finished Markoff’s great [url=]book on how the 60s counterculture shaped the personal computer history[/url]. Today, I’ve come across an interesting interview by him with [url=]David Gelernter[/url]. David Gelernter ….. “…prophesied the rise of the World Wide Web. He understood the idea half a decade before it happened.” (John Markoff) “…is a treasure in the world of computer science…the most articulate and thoughtful of the great living practitioners” (Jaron Lanier) “…is one of the pioneers in getting many computers to work together and cooperate on solving a single problem, which is the future of computing.” (Danny Hillis) “…is one...

April IBM DeveloperWorks

Java: Elliote Rusty Harold, [url=]Easier testing with EasyMock[/url]. “Any time you have an interface that needs to return certain results for purposes of testing, you can just create a quick mock. It really is that easy.” PHP: Matt Butcher, [url=]Get to know the QueryPath PHP library[/url] “The new QueryPath library, a PHP cousin of the jQuery JavaScript library, offers an efficient API for working with XML, HTML, and HTTP. From Web pages to Web services, SVG to SPARQL, RDF to Atom, QueryPath provides a robust yet simple API for contemporary Web development in PHP.” Grails: Scott Davis, [url=]Mastering Grails: Authentication...

Operating System Interface Design 1981-2009

Gyorgy Fekete put together a [url=]nice gallery of OS GUIs from 1981’s Xerox Alto to 2009’s KDE 4[/url].

FidoNet Revival

I am dreaming about a revived [url=]FidoNet[/url]. Ridiculous?

Data – Protection – Conscious – Man

An old friend of mine has sketched a picture of me because I am always keeping him (and others) up-to-date on privacy and surveillance news in our school forum. (click to enlarge) Thanks Butz! Great artwork!

The Curse of Confirmation Mails

I guess I am not the only one who has to wait for signup confirmation mails. I am sitting here again, waiting (im)patiently for a simple email to finally show up in my inbox. Why in Gods name does every site require email confirmation [i]before[/i] I can actually use it? Why not let me do whatever I was planning to do, like filling out my profile, posting threads, whatever, and let me confirm it [i]afterwards[/i] to make it show up? Please.

Tipping, or: Micropayment

Turns out I was [url=]about a year late[/url] with my idea about a tipping/micropayment service, where you can give away small amounts (as small as 1 cent) to any URI you like as easy as clicking a button, without going to a tedious process and the requirement of the receiver to sign up first. I even thought about trying to get Y Combinator to seed fund me. [quote](…) The company, which was originally seed-funded by Y Combinator and went on to raise $1 million in Series A financing in September 2008 (…)[/quote] At least it shows that my ideas aren’t...