Monthly Archive: May 2009

yUML – Online UML Diagrams

There are quite a few online diagram editors, but [url=][/url] is not a painting tool: It generates UML class and use case diagrams on the fly from image URLs. The samples page lists a few examples, here’s a more complex one: [code][Order], [Order]++*-*>[LineItem], [Order]-1>[DeliveryMethod], [Order]*-*>[Product], [Category][Product], [DeliveryMethod]^[National], [DeliveryMethod]^[International]”/>

Fravia died.

[url=]Fravia[/url] died on May 3rd, 2009. Long live [url=]his memories[/url]. [url=]Goodbye[/url].

On Extracting Drivers from Installers

Nick Berardi asked how I extracted the [url=]LifeCam drivers[/url] from the Microsoft installer. Actually, it’s not that hard. The following guide work for most installers, not only for drivers. Many installers already contain all files necessary. WinRAR can open a lot of SFX installers and archive types (such as MS .CAB). This comes handy if you want to change files inside.