New TeamDrive Beta Supports WebDAV over HTTPS

I’m still hunting for a good “all-inclusive” solution for backup, online storage and versioning. Lately, more and more services pop up (there’s an incomplete list buried in my wiki), but [url=]TeamDrive[/url] stands out because you can use it with any WebDAV storage. I like [url=]Syncplicity[/url] for its ease of use (“zero configuration”), but I just don’t feel well knowing that my files are out there, unencrypted, on some strangers’ server.
Now that they’ve added HTTPS and Vista x64 support, I really need to try it. 🙂 Also, it is the only tool in this area that doesn’t require administrative privileges and runs from a USB stick (“portable”). Linux and Mac versions should be out soon.
Also, you might want to look at the somewhat similar [url=]PowerFolder[/url] (no versioning, no WebDAV support).

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  1. I see this is a very old post, however, we are currently looking at TeamDrive and just had a conference call with syncplicity.

    We want a solution that will function like and/or with our clients existing “mapped drives” on their Windows Server.

    Did you every find the “ultimate” solution?