A book full of useful Unix quotes and stories (also applicable for Linux)

[quote]The UNIX-HATERS Handbook? Why? Of what earthly good could it be? Who is the audience? What a perverted idea. But then again, I have been sitting here in my living room—still wearing my coat—for over an hour now, reading the manuscript. One and one-half hours. What a strange book. But appealing. Two hours. OK, I give up: I like it. It’s a perverse book, but it has an equally perverse appeal. Who would have thought it: Unix, the hacker’s pornography.[/quote]
“Dennis never found the problem with his Makefile. He’s now stuck in a dead-end job where he has to wear a paper hat and maintains the sendmail configuration files for a large state university in the midwest. It’s a damn shame.” — Garfinkel et al., Programming in Plato’s Cave, [url=http://simson.net/ref/ugh.pdf]Donald A. Norman: The UNIX Hater’s Handbook[/url] (1994)