Metanoia Documentation: Psywar – The Real Battlefield is the Mind

[url=]Metanoid Films: Psywar[/url]
“A deep, richly illustrated study of the nature and history of propaganda, featuring some of the world’s most insightful critics”.
– Mark Achbar; Film director; ‘Manufacturing Consent’, ‘The Corporation’
“Psywar exposes the propaganda system, providing crucial background and insight into the control of information and thought.”
– Kim Petersen, Dissident Voice
“An Important work”
– Russ Baker, Journalist, Author “Family of Secrets”
“Must See”
– Tom Feeley, Information Clearing House
“Encyclopedic and riveting”
– Stephen Marshall, Guerrilla News Network
“Truly excellent”
– William Blum, journalist, Author ‘Killing Hope’
“A Lucid and insightful study of the manipulation of public consciousness…Take heed.”
– Michael Yates, Associate Editor, Monthly Review
“If it is your desire to understand how we are manipulated into believing the things we do — watch this film. Every American should see it…for the sake of our future.”
– Timothy Gatto, fmr Chairman, Liberal Party of America

(from [url=]Metanoia: Psywar Acclaim[/url])