Torouter – Tor on OpenWRT

Torouter is the codename for a hardware project using OpenWRT; it promises to provide a platform to provide an easy to setup Tor bridge as well as free Wireless transparently routed through Tor.

[url=]Torproject Wiki: Torouter[/url]

3 Responses

  1. flunkey says:

    One could also use Freetz and the appropriate Tor Package to run a Tor Client/bridge/exit on a AVM Fritz!Box

  2. Moritz says:

    Does it really work? I have only seen reports about people trying, and that there is an experimental package which does not seem to run very stable.

  3. flunkey says:

    Yes, my node running is on a Fritz!Box. At the moment it is down due to developement work 😉 CPU (500MHz Mips core) is very limited, so you can only handle a few onions. It is not recommended for high bandwidth but for normal homeuser like me, which want to support tor a little.
    The tor package is out of the unstable branche for a while and is at a stable state. They use Tor v0.2.1.27