Eleanor Saitta: Your Infrastructure Will Kill You (27c3)

A Call to Technology Hackers and Maker Culture.
[quote]In this talk, we’ll look at threat modeling in the real world, six ways to die, failing states, that big party in the desert, the failure of the humanitarian project, algae and the U.S. military, large-scale natural disasters, the power grid, and many other things. The problems we face are big in every sense of the word — they involve some of the biggest things we’ve ever built — but the solutions may not be. Can non-governmental networks step up when governments fail to provide basic services? Can we avoid a further expansion of neoliberalism in a post-infrastructural state? Are the power structures embedded in our infrastructure cultural destiny? What happens when maker culture grows up?[/quote]

  • [url=http://dymaxion.org/]http://dymaxion.org/[/url] (speaker’s homepage)