Hacker Psychology I

This is a very obvious stategy, mostly applied subconciously by those that know the trade. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it work in a lot of open source projects. It is also among the strategies suggested in the excellent book [url=http://www.amazon.com/Coders-Work-Reflections-Craft-Programming/dp/1430219483/]Coders at Work[/url].

How to Get a Hacker to Help You

If you want something implemented, or need help on a task, don’t just ask for help. A real hacker will not help you the way you expect him to help. He will not be unfriendly, but every real programmer is lazy. At best, he will tell you what to do, but now how to do it. Instead, build something that somehow does the job, but is very ugly and has a lot of flaws. Show him what you’ve done. A real hacker will despise your code. Hackers love beautiful, small solutions. Knowing that you will rape your system by running your ugly solution will most likely cause enough stomach pain for him/her to rewrite it properly and, while at it, add all the features you had planned but didn’t know how to implement yourself (and maybe some more).