Monthly Archive: February 2013

Linux: Anonymize IP logs with syslog-ng

By using a replacement for the default system logger, syslog-ng, you can selectively stop IPs from being written to log files, for example on a mail server.

Linux: Automatically shredding files before deletion

I am currently playing with the thought of [url=]shredding[/url] files automatically before they are unlinked from the file system (for example on a mail server). I wrote a small library that you can inject into processes using LD_PRELOAD, so all unlink operations result in a call to shred for (A) regular files that (B) have only one hard link left.

Imagine trying to secure a computer with a small …

Imagine trying to secure a computer with a small but powerful parasitic server on its motherboard; a bloodsucker that can’t be turned off and has no documentation; you can’t login, patch, or fix problems on it; server-based defensive, audit, or anti-malware software can’t be used. Its design is secret and implementation old. It’s also the perfect spy platform: nearly invisible to its host, it can fully control the computer’s hardware and software, and it was designed for remote control and monitoring. And that’s the good news. (via ln5) (View on