Look for gaps in global and national systems. Where …

Look for gaps in global and national systems. Where there is limited or no services. Rig a temporary hook-up, move often, spread chaff, wipe traces.

Review ham radio history of legal and illegal provenance, bootlegged and boot-strapped comms systems, illegal systems which subversively tap into legal systems, short and long-term.

Study favelas, ghettos, urban poverty rigs, ingenuity-led poor countries, irrational rogue states, uncontrollable mavericks, misfits and outlaws, rebels, and huge variety of criminals, white, blue, pink, T-shirt collared.

Study covert operations of many kinds and histories. They are a great many of them, past, present and future, all “under the radar,” more or less, but who knows for sure.

Avoid advanced countries who are manifestly in favor of ubiquitous spying at home and in other countries; their spies work in concert and in opposition but above all else hate spylessness and avidly work to infect the healthy unspied.

Expect to be betrayed, deceived, tricked, given shitty advice, plagarized for good stuff, fed very bad stuff. Like this forum.

Whatever you set up keep quiet about it or it will be invaded and violated. Do not feed the animals.

John Young, founder of cryptome.org, on cypherpunks@cpunks.org mailing list, 4.9.2013

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