The new approach was inspired by a remark made …

The new approach was inspired by a remark made by the third author during his presentation of the factorization of the 768-bit RSA challenge at Crypto 2010: “We estimate that the energy required for the factorization would have sufficed to bring two 20° C Olympic size swimming pools to a boil.” […]
Larger quantities of water need to be considered to fully appreciate the security offered by practically relevant cryptosystems. On average, The Netherlands enjoys a healthy daily average of 82 million cubic meters of rain […] It is found that 80-bit symmetric cryptosystems, 160-bit cryptographic hash functions, and 1130-bit RSA offer “rain security” or “dagelijkse eerslagverdampingsenergiebehoeftezekerheid”. Equivalently, with each German citizen boiling a cubic meter of water, one may refer to rain security as “German security” or “JedeRtausendliterbierverdampfungssicherheit”.

Universal security; from bits and mips to pools, lakes – and beyond (Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2013/635)

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