The Chinese government has issued new regulations which require …

The Chinese government has issued new regulations which require all companies that sell computer equipment to Chinese banks to turn over secret source code, submit to security audits and build back doors into hardware and software, according to the New York Times. […]

Russia has already embarked on a tech censorship kind of plan from 1st Jan 2015.  With China also choosing to follow Russia’s footsteps,
American businesses are in for some rough weather ahead.  The problem is actually dual.  If the tech co do hand over the source code to the  Chinese, there is no guarantee that it will not be leaked to some Chinese manufacturer who would come out with a cheaper version of the same device.  The other problem is the Zero Days, vulnerabilities and  flaws which could be exploited by the Chinese military to spy.

TechWorm: Tech Firms Required to Add Backdoors in Hardware, Software for Selling in China

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