I want my children to embrace doing nothing, to …

I want my children to embrace doing nothing, to embrace the slowing of an afternoon to a near standstill, when all you can hear is the
laborious ticking of the clock and the dog snoring on the sofa, the
rain’s patter at the window, the occasional swoosh of a slowly passing
car. Remember those days? The exasperation, the excruciating itchiness of them? My kids would have to dive in, live through the agony, and come out the other side. They’d have to learn to lie on the lawn watching ants scale the grass blades; they’d have to linger, digits pruning, in the bathtub; they’d have to stop, to be still, and then to wait, and wait, and wait, allowing time to fatten around them, like a dewdrop on the tip of a leaf.

In Praise of Boredom, by Claire Messud | Harper’s Magazine

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