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Austria, and Other Privacy Related News in January 2008

Quite a few things happened this month in regard to privacy. I highly recommend the [url=]24C3 Conference Talk about Tor[/url] to all german readers. Tor allows oppressed citizens of censoring countries such as China and the USA (see below) to bypass filters and surf anonymously, but only with your support (see “related links”). It is not yet clear whether german Tor nodes will be required to log IP data next year as a result of the new data retention law passed in December, which will effectively kill most of them (the amount of data collected over a period of 6...

Vista and XP Dual Boot Adventures…

I finally managed to purchase a new computer! Well, parts for a new computer. With neither ATI or Nvidia able to ship their latest mid-range video cards, I skipped that one, for now. Fortunately a friend had a spare 7900GT lying around waiting for me to borrow it. The plan was to migrate to Vista 64bit as my main system, but keep a familiar XP as backup system in case something doesn’t work. I went through a series of problems which ate my whole weekend. [u]Installation[/u] 1. AHCI. Determined to install both XP and Vista with AHCI, I enabled the...

Versatile Graph Editor

In January 2007, we implemented a Java based graph editor that visualizes matrices and optionally highlights unreachable nodes.

A.L.A.R.M. – A Laptop A/C Removal Monitor

This was my first real Open Source project, published on SourceForge. I am still planning to rewrite it in C# some day with a lot of additional features, but first I have to figure out how to write a decent plugin engine.

Joomla for SatShop Karlsfeld

I’ve set up a website for [url=]Satshop Karlsfeld GmbH[/url], a wholesale satellite and telecommunications shop, using the GPL [url=]Joomla[/url] content management system.

Teaching Assistant for Software Technology at the TU Dresden

Since October 2006, I’ve been working as tutor/teaching assistant for “Software Technology” ([url=]Softwaretechnologie[/url]), a mandatory course of Computer Science, at the Department of Software and Multimedia Technology, TU Dresden.

Praktomat eLearning Platform

Since 2006, I maintain the [url=]Praktomat[/url], an eLearning platform used at the Department of Software Technology at TU Dresden to teach Java to Computer Science students.

Teaching Assistant for Theoretical Programming at the TU Dresden

From winter term 2005 to summer term 2007, I’ve worked at the Department of Theoretical Computer Science at the TU Dresden as a tutor/teaching assistant for the mandatory foundation courses “Algorithms and Data Structures” ([url=]Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen[/url]) and “Programming” ([url=]Programmierung[/url]).

Internship at GSM Software Management GmbH

From October 2005 to June 2006, I’ve participated in an internship as Java/J2ME programmer at [url=]GSM Software Management GmbH[/url] Dresden, a spinoff and partner of Fraunhofer Institute.