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Unlisted Mailinator Alias

Mailinator is one of the most widely known and used disposable email providers. Any mail you send to can be read publicly on their website. Unfortunately, many websites block their known domains, so I set up an alternative domain. Use and mail will end up in the respective mailinator account.

Free Seedbombs for CCCamp

I will bring free [url=]seedbombs[/url] to the CCC Camp this year.

Open Data und Zwangsversteigerungen

Eine große Anzahl an Amtsgerichten veröffentlichen die Termine für Zwangsversteigerungen von Immobilien auf [url=][/url]. Ich hätte die Daten gerne im Rohformat, und habe eine diesbezügliche Anfrage gestellt – leider ohne Erfolg und mit kurioser Argumentation.

Securing Lighttpd

This is a set of configuration settings you might want to use to secure your Lighttpd webserver configuration.

My Favorite Portable Virus Removal Tools

I was just asked for my favorite free portable anti-virus solutions. In general, nowaways, you will most likely have to reinstall because most malware digs too deep into your system to be removed again. The first thing you need to do is THINK about the source of your infection. In 99% of all cases is YOUR fault if you get infected, and you will get infected AGAIN if you don’t learn. With that warning in mind, if you know what you did wrong, and if you still want to run anti-virus software, I recommend [url=]MWAV[/url] (mirror) and [url=]Spyware S&D[/url]. Boot...

Hacker Psychology I

This is a very obvious stategy, mostly applied subconciously by those that know the trade. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it work in a lot of open source projects. It is also among the strategies suggested in the excellent book [url=]Coders at Work[/url]. How to Get a Hacker to Help You If you want something implemented, or need help on a task, don’t just ask for help. A real hacker will not help you the way you expect him to help. He will not be unfriendly, but every real programmer is lazy. At best, he will tell you what...

Create an encrypted file system on Android with LUKS

[quote]LUKS is the standard for Linux hard disk encryption. By providing a standard on-disk-format, it not only facilitates compatibility among distributions, but also provides secure management of multiple user passwords. Building off the work from other great sources, the Guardian Project hack team decided to take a crack at porting LUKS to Android recently, with the goal of creating a proof of concept build process that can be easily adapted to future projects.[/quote]

The Archive Team

[quote][20:45:45] mo [~tor@] has joined #archiveteam [20:45:45] Channel topic is: || Archiving is Delicious! || We’re about microblogging folksonomies now || <SketchCow> saving the world, so annoying[/quote]

Howto: Install TARPIT on Debian Stable (Lenny)

[quote]Add a TARPIT target to iptables, which captures and holds incoming TCP connections using no local per-connection resources. Connections are accepted, but immediately switched to the persist state (0 byte window), in which the remote side stops sending data and asks to continue every 60-240 seconds. Attempts to close the connection are ignored, forcing the remote side to time out the connection in 12-24 minutes.[/quote]