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RIPE Database Update Reference Manual 1.2.15

[quote]”A poem object contains a poem that is submitted by a user. This object is included in the database to show that engineers do have a sense of humour.”[/quote] [url=][/url]

Tor blocked? Connection Analysis

This is a quick guide on diagnosing connection problems to the Tor network mirrored from [url=][/url].

Decentralizing Twitter: Installation Howto

Running an own microblogging server has several advantages over using Twitter directly. Many applications support as an open source implementation, and your tweets can conveniently be pushed to your Twitter account.

Visualization: Tor nodes on Google Maps and Google Earth

I wrote a small Python script to visualize Tor relays on Google Maps and Google Earth. You can see the result here: Open in Google Maps (bad performance, less options) Download tormap.kml and open in Google Earth The markers might give a false impression of accuracy. Most IPs can only be tracked to city level (or even region), ie. the markers are somewhat near, not necessarily at the real location of the relay.

Torouter – Tor on OpenWRT

Torouter is the codename for a hardware project using OpenWRT; it promises to provide a platform to provide an easy to setup Tor bridge as well as free Wireless transparently routed through Tor.

Die Konstruktion der Netzwerk-Allmende

In den letzten Jahren entstanden zahlreiche Initiativen für den Aufbau freier drahtloser Bürgernetze. Diese sogenannten Freenetworks benutzen Funknetz-Technologie, um eigene, unabhängige Netzinfrastrukturen aufzubauen. Aus den Prinzipien und Methoden, die dabei angewendet werden, lässt sich das Leitbild einer Netzwerk-Allmende ableiten.

27c3 Hackerbus aus München – Mitfahrer gesucht

Vom 27. bis 30. Dezember findet in Berlin der [url=]Chaos Computer Congress 27C3[/url] statt. Wir fahren mit einem VW-Bus aus München, öhm, Dachau, und idealweise kriegen wir den Bus voll mit interessierten Chaoten und Hackern aus der Umgebung. Am besten hier einen Kommentar hinterlassen, mir auf Twitter eine Nachricht schicken (@gamambel) oder per Jabber anquatschen (gamambel ÄTT Freuen würde ich mich auch über Ideen hinsichtlich Übernachtung in Berlin in dem Zeitraum. 🙂

Google Prediction API

[url=]BigQuery and Prediction API: Get more from your data with Google[/url] (via momb, 19.05.2010) The Prediction API enables access to Google’s machine learning algorithms to analyze your historic data and predict likely future outcomes. Upload your data to Google Storage for Developers, then use the Prediction API to make real-time decisions in your applications. The Prediction API implements supervised learning algorithms as a RESTful web service to let you leverage patterns in your data, providing more relevant information to your users.