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Comcast: Open Ports Require Business Account

I am a subscriber of the OR-Talk mailing list, the Onion Routing discussion list of everything Tor related. Today, one of the most active members of the list reported having trouble (again) with his ISP Comcast. It’s probably best to [url=]read the post yourself[/url]. Basically they’re saying that an open port equals running a “server”, and running a server violates their AUP and requires a business account. Apparently, they’re running port scans against their own customers.

yUML – Online UML Diagrams

There are quite a few online diagram editors, but [url=][/url] is not a painting tool: It generates UML class and use case diagrams on the fly from image URLs. The samples page lists a few examples, here’s a more complex one: [code][Order], [Order]++*-*>[LineItem], [Order]-1>[DeliveryMethod], [Order]*-*>[Product], [Category][Product], [DeliveryMethod]^[National], [DeliveryMethod]^[International]”/>

Fravia died.

[url=]Fravia[/url] died on May 3rd, 2009. Long live [url=]his memories[/url]. [url=]Goodbye[/url].

Operating System Interface Design 1981-2009

Gyorgy Fekete put together a [url=]nice gallery of OS GUIs from 1981’s Xerox Alto to 2009’s KDE 4[/url].

The Curse of Confirmation Mails

I guess I am not the only one who has to wait for signup confirmation mails. I am sitting here again, waiting (im)patiently for a simple email to finally show up in my inbox. Why in Gods name does every site require email confirmation [i]before[/i] I can actually use it? Why not let me do whatever I was planning to do, like filling out my profile, posting threads, whatever, and let me confirm it [i]afterwards[/i] to make it show up? Please.

Free vServer (Joyent)

Joyent is offering free VPS with 256MB RAM, 10GB storage and ‘unlimited’ traffic, as long as you’re using Google’s OpenSocial API. Yes, including root access.

Interesting Paper on Trojan Keyloggers

A team from University of Mannheim has published a case-study about trojan keyloggers and their dropzones. What I found particularly interesting is the analysis of configuration mechanisms: The two examined families of keyloggers (Limbo/Netshell and ZeuS/Zbot) both contact servers for updated configuration, whereas the ZeuS family is more advanced and even allows to take screenshots to defeat virtual keyboards.

The Music Room

A 3D world, filled with music coming from different sources, blended together in surround sound (5.1/7.1). Similar music is closer together (for example, based on information). You can freely move around, with distant sources fading out, until you only hear the closest source (standing “inside” it).

Srizbi Botnet Resurrects Itself. Interesting Technique.

Despite several efforts to bring it down (including the takedown of a major hoster, McColo, which hosted the primary server), the Srizbi network, comprising half a million “zombie PCs” and accountable for approximately 40% of all spam traffic, resurrected itself using an interesting technique: Its bots try to reach domains based on some (not yet disclosed) algorithm.