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Your Code Will Survive You

I just rediscovered a website I have written less than ten years ago. It had its own domain. I did not even remember that I ever had this website. On top of that, it contained two utilities that I wrote back then. Funnily enough, it turned out that at least one friend of mine still uses it. I guess that is what they mean when they say “Your code will survive you.”

gamambel Twitter Archiver

I put together some quick&dirty PHP scripts to extract my Twitter feed and resolve short URLs: [url=][/url] If you’re interested in the sources, let me know. Update: I have pushed the sources to github now: [url=][/url]. No cleaning, no documentation, plain ugly.

Grafische Scriptprogrammierung

Sikuli gets around this by using picture based computing. Instead of needing intimate knowledge of a particular API or language you simply use Sikuli script to take an action on an area of the screen it finds by you giving it a picture. [url=]DownloadSquad: Sikuli uses screen shots to run scripts[/url]

April IBM DeveloperWorks

Java: Elliote Rusty Harold, [url=]Easier testing with EasyMock[/url]. “Any time you have an interface that needs to return certain results for purposes of testing, you can just create a quick mock. It really is that easy.” PHP: Matt Butcher, [url=]Get to know the QueryPath PHP library[/url] “The new QueryPath library, a PHP cousin of the jQuery JavaScript library, offers an efficient API for working with XML, HTML, and HTTP. From Web pages to Web services, SVG to SPARQL, RDF to Atom, QueryPath provides a robust yet simple API for contemporary Web development in PHP.” Grails: Scott Davis, [url=]Mastering Grails: Authentication...

JetBrains Meta Programming System

At the moment, I am preparing for ‘my most important exam’, which happened to bring me to the website of Markus Völter, one of the current experts in Model Driven Software Development and Product Line Engineering. In his list of recent publications, I found a nice (German) article about the Jetbrains Meta Programming System. I’ve heard of MPS before, but his introduction is nicely written and understandble. Basically, MPS is a nice editor and composer for Domain Specific Languages. What makes it interesting is that apparently you can combine your own DSL with other languages, for example to easily extend... – Web Based Software for Code Reviews

[url=]Review Board[/url] is an open source tool developed by the VMware team to help with code reviews and pending code changes. Somewhat similar to an issue tracker, but worth a look. From the same team: [url=]Parasite[/url], a live debugger for GTK+ applications (“sort of like Firebug”).

TYPO3 v5, FLOW3 and Unicase

I had the pleasure of attending two interesting presentations at our university yesterday. I am a bit biased here, because one was held by myself, for a few students participating in the current “Softwareentwicklungswerkzeuge” (software development tools) lecture. The other one was a presentation by Sebastian Kurfürst, one of the core developers of TYPO3 (and a “former student of mine”), for the T3 User Group Dresden, about the upcoming TYPO3 v5 and its application framework FLOW3. Even if you’re not interested in TYPO3 or CMS development, I recommend reading the [very fancy] slides (if you understand German). They have a...

Burton Analyst Manes: SOA is Dead

[quote]Once thought to be the savior of IT, SOA instead turned into a great failed experiment—at least for most organizations. SOA was supposed to reduce costs and increase agility on a massive scale. Except in rare situations, SOA has failed to deliver its promised benefits. After investing millions, IT systems are no better than before. In many organizations, things are worse: costs are higher, projects take longer, and systems are more fragile than ever.[/quote]