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Craig asks: How will you change the World in 2012?

Craig from Craigslist is conducting a little experiment among readers of his new website Craigconnects: [url=]How Will You Change the World in 2012?[/url] I am submitting my trip across Europe.

Visualization: Tor nodes on Google Maps and Google Earth

I wrote a small Python script to visualize Tor relays on Google Maps and Google Earth. You can see the result here: Open in Google Maps (bad performance, less options) Download tormap.kml and open in Google Earth The markers might give a false impression of accuracy. Most IPs can only be tracked to city level (or even region), ie. the markers are somewhat near, not necessarily at the real location of the relay.

ID3Kill included in “Best Downloads” magazine by PCuSER Press Taiwan

My old freeware program [url=]ID3Kill[/url] (written in 2001) has been selected as one of the 200 “Best Downloads” by [url=]PCuSER Press Taiwan[/url]. They publish a magazine that has short reviews of 200 freeware programs, including a DVD with all applications.

Versatile Graph Editor

In January 2007, we implemented a Java based graph editor that visualizes matrices and optionally highlights unreachable nodes.

A.L.A.R.M. – A Laptop A/C Removal Monitor

This was my first real Open Source project, published on SourceForge. I am still planning to rewrite it in C# some day with a lot of additional features, but first I have to figure out how to write a decent plugin engine.

Joomla for SatShop Karlsfeld

I’ve set up a website for [url=]Satshop Karlsfeld GmbH[/url], a wholesale satellite and telecommunications shop, using the GPL [url=]Joomla[/url] content management system.

Teaching Assistant for Software Technology at the TU Dresden

Since October 2006, I’ve been working as tutor/teaching assistant for “Software Technology” ([url=]Softwaretechnologie[/url]), a mandatory course of Computer Science, at the Department of Software and Multimedia Technology, TU Dresden.

Praktomat eLearning Platform

Since 2006, I maintain the [url=]Praktomat[/url], an eLearning platform used at the Department of Software Technology at TU Dresden to teach Java to Computer Science students.