The Revolution will be Tumbled: Where does fascism come from?

amodernmanifesto: “Only one thing could have broken our movement – if our enemies had understood its principle and from the first day had smashed the nucleus of our movement with extreme brutality.” (Adolf Hitler, 1933) “If the enemy had known how weak we were, it would probably have reduced us to jelly…. (View on

Die Konstruktion der Netzwerk-Allmende

In den letzten Jahren entstanden zahlreiche Initiativen für den Aufbau freier drahtloser Bürgernetze. Diese sogenannten Freenetworks benutzen Funknetz-Technologie, um eigene, unabhängige Netzinfrastrukturen aufzubauen. Aus den Prinzipien und Methoden, die dabei angewendet werden, lässt sich das Leitbild einer Netzwerk-Allmende ableiten. (View on

Tor is playing a key role in helping Egyptians get around Internet censorship

soupsoup: Fahrah Stockman at Boston Globe Over the last three days, 120,000 people — most of them Egyptian — have downloaded Tor software, which helps activists protect their identity from surveillance by repressive regimes and get around blocked sites, according to Andrew Lewman, executive director of Tor, which provides the software for free. “We saw this huge amount of traffic,’’ said Lewman, who said the group normally gets about 20,000 downloads a day worldwide. “We started looking at what was going on and the Internet service provider called us and said, ‘You are getting a huge amount of requests from...