Austria, and Other Privacy Related News in January 2008

Quite a few things happened this month in regard to privacy. I highly recommend the [url=]24C3 Conference Talk about Tor[/url] to all german readers. Tor allows oppressed citizens of censoring countries such as China...

Vista and XP Dual Boot Adventures…

I finally managed to purchase a new computer! Well, parts for a new computer. With neither ATI or Nvidia able to ship their latest mid-range video cards, I skipped that one, for now. Fortunately...

Versatile Graph Editor

In January 2007, we implemented a Java based graph editor that visualizes matrices and optionally highlights unreachable nodes.

Joomla for SatShop Karlsfeld

I’ve set up a website for [url=]Satshop Karlsfeld GmbH[/url], a wholesale satellite and telecommunications shop, using the GPL [url=]Joomla[/url] content management system.

Teaching Assistant for Software Technology at the TU Dresden

Since October 2006, I’ve been working as tutor/teaching assistant for “Software Technology” ([url=]Softwaretechnologie[/url]), a mandatory course of Computer Science, at the Department of Software and Multimedia Technology, TU Dresden.

Praktomat eLearning Platform

Since 2006, I maintain the [url=]Praktomat[/url], an eLearning platform used at the Department of Software Technology at TU Dresden to teach Java to Computer Science students.